2 different Donor Egg Miscarriages


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Reply Posted on: Oct 23, 2012 at 3:02pm

My first DE IVF (28 yr old donor, 100% fert, transferred 2 perfect day 4 morulas) resulted in a 14 DPO beta of 93. Double times were great and I had a 5w1d beta of 3266. 8 hours after the beta I passed large clots and the gestational sac over a 2 hour period then the bleeding stopped. After beta and u/s confirmed loss (and that I lost very little lining) I had to stop meds to shed the rest. I took Dex, antibiotics, intralipids, Crinone 2x a day with this cycle.

I just did my 2nd DE IVF (22 year old donor, 100% fert, transferred 2-5 day 4-AB blasts) resulted in a 13 DPO beta of 36, prog 43. Double times have been great. Friday 10/19 beta was 1035 and yesterday 10/22 I had a 5w2d ultrasound that confirmed a 13mm gestational sac and a 2.8 yolk measuing 5w5d. This morning I woke to bleeding and small clots. I had a beta drawn and it was 2,699. I suspect it was much higher and I assume the embryo arrested right before the bleeding or during it. I'm repeating it tomorrow to confirm it's dropping. The bleeding has mostly subsided but nothing like the first miscarriage I mentioned. I have not passed the GS yet.

An RE suggested after the miscarriage that there might have been improper signalling between the embryo and the lining that caused my lining to "let go" of the embryo in the first miscarriage. It seems as if that's what is happening now. It's not like my betas drop, bottom out and the I bleed. The bleeding happens first.

I had a pulmonary embolism from BCPs in between these cycles and found the Prothrombin gene mutaiton. I've been on therapeutic doses of Lovenox throughout this cycle per my hematologist. I've also been given HCG boosters every 72 hours once I received a positive pregnancy test, extra folic acid, PIO and Crinone 1x a day.

The other immuno and clotting disorder testing turned up nothing. It's probable I have PCOS but then again I'm not using my eggs. I had a lap last summer and all was clear.

I can't find an explanation as to why I seem to be pregnant right before the bleeding occurs and what's going wrong to cause the bleeding that seems to subside quickly. This doesn't seem to follow a "normal" miscarriage and I just can't believe I've had genetically incomplete embryos for both donor cycles.

I have 6 frozen day 6 blasts (AB - BB quality) and I'm petrified that they are perfectly healthy and my body will reject them. They are our last shot of trying to have a baby.

I am desperate for some guidance.

Dr. Braverman

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RE: 2 different Donor Egg Miscarriages Posted on: Oct 25, 2012 at 10:47am
there are certainly many reasons for failing donor egg cycles. It may be related to the thromobophilia findings but there may be other issues here as well, such as immune issues.
I would be happy to help you , you need to call my office and they will schedule a consultaton with me so we can disccuss what we can do.
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Reply RE: 2 different Donor Egg Miscarriages Posted on: Oct 25, 2012 at 11:12am
Thanks Dr Braverman. It's official the sudden bleeding 18 hours after a great ultrasound did end my pregnancy.

I've been reading about Autoimmune Implantation Dysfunction. Though I did do Intralipids and steriods for my first donor cycle and this time I did neither of those but did do Lovenox for my clotting disorder. Perhaps the Intralipids, steroids in conjunction with the Lovenox might work for me?

I am pursuing testing for Antiphospholipid Antibodies Panel (APA) and Antithyroid Antibodies (ATA/AMA). NK cells were covered on my RPL panel. I wasn't sure what else I should be looking for.

I will schedule the consult when I have the results.