2 Failed IVF - HELP!


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Reply Posted on: Apr 6, 2013 at 2:51pm
I am looking to start my third round of IVF sometime next month. My first failed IVF was in October 2012 using the antagonist protocol which consisted of Follistim 150, Menopur 150 and Ganirelix 250, we used Novarel to trigger. From that cycle I got 12 eggs, 8 mature and 7 fertilized. No frosties. BFN. My second failed IVF was last month using Lupron no BCP. I believe its called the Microflare Lupron which consisted of 10units of Lupron for about 14 days, then Follistim 300 (this was reduced to 225), Menopur 150 and Lupron 5units, we triggered with Noveral as well. 13 eggs, 6 mature and 6 fertilized, no frosties. BFN. Both cycles I've used ICSI and AH. For our next IVF cycle my current RE has suggested using injectables and oral stimulation medications. The injectables will be really low dose and the oral will be Letrozole which I think is Femara. We would then freeze the embryos that cycle. Once a fresh cycle begins, I would start using estrogen to build my lining and do transfer. Think it would be similar to a FET if I had frozen embryos from a fresh cycle.I am 30 years old and my bloodwork has come back all normal. My HSG last March showed that my right tube might be blocked. I also have fibroids but a Sono Hysterogram showed that they are not in my uterine cavity thus not posing any threat. My RE believes that even those I am technically young, my ovaries are not, and are not responding well to the high dose medications. He did say I have good yield. In my first cycle we put back 2 grade A- quality morulas on a day 4 transfer. This last cycle we put back one Grade A early blast and a grade B morula on a day 4 transfer. But both cycles failed.My husband has borderline low motility but otherwise his Sperm Analysis was ok.We were able to get pregnant naturally in May last year but was a chemical at about 5wks.I have requested a hysteroscopy to get a better picture of my uterus.Thanks in advance for listening!

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RE: 2 Failed IVF - HELP! Posted on: Apr 9, 2013 at 10:32am
This sounds like an obvious implantation issue and a hysteroscopy wont likely give you the answer unless there is a mechanical issue. But you do requrie a full implantation failure hematologic,genetic, and immune workup. I would be happy to assist you with this , feel free to call my ofice and they will scheudle a free 10 minute consult so we can discuss your case and the need for our services if you wish.
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