4 Miscarriages (11-12 wks)


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Reply 4 Miscarriages (11-12 wks) Posted on: Jun 18, 2011 at 3:43am
I've had four miscarriages over four years all between 11 and 12 weeks. My last pregnancy I was diagnosed with mthfr and I was prescribed heparin 2x per day as well as progesterone suppositories and extra folic acid. When I lost that baby at the same time as all the others I went and saw another maternal fetal specialist who did some more testing. He told me that the mthfr didn't really mean much for me since my homocysteine levels were normal and that I just needed to take extra folic acid. He then told me to get pregnant again and we would go from there. It's been 10 months and we still aren't pregnant. I know that's not ridiculous, but it feels like a long time to me and it's taken that long to conceive every time. Definitely feeling frustrated and I worry that when we do get pregnant the same thing will happen. Isn't it odd that I lose them at the same time and so close to being in my 2nd trimester? All of my other tests have been normal, and my husband has a daughter already. Would seeing you be helpful?

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Re: 4 Miscarriages (11-12 wks) Posted on: Jun 18, 2011 at 3:50am
Yes I think I can help you solve this, I do agree MTFHR not the likely issue. Need to look at your complete immune profile, as this is also most likely not genetic. I would be happy to help you, call my office and ask for Kim she will assist you in scheduling a consult with me.
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