5 Failed IVF's and losing hope


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Reply 5 Failed IVF's and losing hope Posted on: Nov 10, 2010 at 3:12pm
Hello Dr.Braverman,

I will try to keep it short.

After trying to conceive for a few years we found out from a local RE here in MA that my husband (33) has a cystic fibrosis gene where he is missing both vas-deferens, so our doctor had to surgically remove his sperm, where we freeze it for our IVF cycles, they were able to get a fair amount and it all looked viable.

I had all of the pre-pregnancy testing and everything came back completely normal. I am 32 so I had high expectations, as did our doctors.

Our first 2 IVF's (5DT, and 3DT) resulted in a biochemical we had a complete blood workup done on both my husband and I, we found out I have one of the MTHFR genes so I am on high doses of folic acid along with my prenatal.

Our 3rd IVF (3DT) resulted in a pregnancy where we saw the heart beat and had a spontaneous miscarriage a few days later. (7weeks)

Our 4th cycle nothing.

Our 5th cycle they transferred 2, 8-3 embyos on day 3, I had a little OHSS from the surgery and this one ended in another biochemical, where my HCG level was 13.

I now have 5 frozen embryos, which will hopefully give me 2 more FET's but I am scared that I am just wasting them because I might have another m/c. But the thought of doing the surgery again makes me anxious. We still have a few vials of frozen sperm left.

Do you think I am a hopeless cause? My body feels exhausted, as do I emotionally. Thank you so much for your time, I was happy to find your site.


Dr. Braverman

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Re: 5 Failed IVF's and losing hope Posted on: Nov 11, 2010 at 4:49am
Hi Lynne, we should talk. This is a very common situation where everyone thinks the male factor is the main issue and there is another issue that causes you to loose what would otherwise be a normal embryo. You mentioned OHSS was there a diagnosis with you of PCOS, was that worked up to be sure you dont have it , as this could also cuase your early losses if not treated correctly(see the website under PCOS). Lastly you would need a full immune panel to be sure that the immune system is not responsible for the losses as well. I can perform the workup and recommend management for your RE in MA so that at least you can be sure all bases are covered for the next transfer. Many patients in the same situation also choose to transfer the embryos to us so we can manage the entire cycle, most choose this if they cannot find an RE that will follow outside recommendations.

Feel free to fill out the patient questionairre on the site and call to set up a consult.
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