5th Miscarriage, what next??


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Reply Posted on: Jan 7, 2013 at 7:17am

I am hoping you can help me!! I have now had my 5th miscarriage. I am 42 and had a live birth by natural pregnancy in october 2008. It was a perfect pregnancy with no problems. Son weighted 7lb 20z. since then I have had 4 repeated miscarriages all at around wks 6-8 in the past 2.5 years. It appears the pregnancy starts of slow and my dates always seem to be out by around 1-2 weeks. at my last miscarriage (dec 2012) we saw the heartbeat at wk 6 but it stopped at week 7. this seems to be the common factor that my pregnancies start of slow, I always get a heartbeat but then the pregnancy stops. My dates always now seem to be out and I am sure when I ovultated and get pregnant. I have had all my level 1 bloods done and they are clear. My Uterine NK cells are clear. I have had the factor v Leiden test and its clear and my partners and my chromosone tests are clear. I have also had a hystercopy which was clear. No one knows what is going on and have been told to keep trying, but its heartbreaking. my cycle is always regular 25-26 days and I always ovulate each mn. I am healthy with a healthly BMI and take regular vitamins etc.

This pregnancy I took 5mg prednisolone along with asprin, antibiotics and 40mg clexane (I also took clexane last december at last miscarriage) but the results are the same.

We really dont know where to go next and at 42 with a low amh of 1.6 time is running out. I am thinking of donor eggs but dont want to waste the money if its not going to solve my problem. Its so hard to know whether its eggs, sperm or immune issues. I can get pregnant but just cant keep the pregnancy!!

I really hope you can help or guide me on what I should be doing next as I really want more than anything a sibling for my son.

Hoping you can help.

Thanks xx

Dr. Braverman

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RE: 5th Miscarriage, what next?? Posted on: Jan 7, 2013 at 7:36am
This could be the result of the first born male as the women who carry a special HY restricting allele will have miscarriages after the first male, this is why the miscarriage rate is much higher after a full term male pregnancy. You need a complete workup by me. The NK activity by uterine biopsy is of no value to rule problems in or out.
You do need a correct workup. If you wish I can help you with this just call my office and they will schedule this for you.
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