6 miscarriages, 2 live births. What next? Prednisone?


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Reply Posted on: Aug 11, 2013 at 12:30am
#1 - Early miscarriage, possible chemical.
#2 - Live birth. 40wks.
#3 - Early miscarriage 6wks
#4 - Early miscarriage. HB seen at 6wks. 8wk no HB.
#5- Prometrium & baby aspirin Early miscarriage, possible chemical.
#6- Prometrium & baby aspirin. HB at 6, 8 and 10wks. 12wks no HB stopped at 10.5wk. D&C
Genetic on both me and my husband.
me- Prothrombin Factor II G20210A
- Hemoglobin D Punjob trait
- Small uterine septum seen on early US
#7- Heparin 3700u 2x day and baby aspirin. Live birth at 39wks.
#8- Heparin 3700u 2x day and baby aspirin. HB stopped at 16wks. Delivered at 19wks.
Autopsy and Chromosome testing. All came back "normal".
Gliadin peptide antibody, IGA
TTG Antibody, IGA
Homocysteine (should I of tested for the MTHFR gene specially, wondering if I should retest for possible positive?)
Thyroxine, Free (T4 Free)
ANA, IGG ELISA w/reflex to ANA
Immunoglobulin A, Serum

Was told everything came back "normal". Glucose may of been a little high but not enough to diagnose.

Hypothyroidism: Mom, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Grandfather had Thyroid cancer.
Rheumatoid Arthritis: Aunt. Mom has 1 factor
Fibromyalgia: Cousin
Lupus: Cousin
Sjogren's Syndrome: Mom
Gluten Intolerance: Aunt and Cousin. Suspect my mom and self.

HEALTH: Not the best. 30yo 5'4" 185lbs. No "extra" exercise. Constantly tired. Painful Inflamed joints. I've been trying to cut out some gluten and stick to a "healthy" diet.

2800mcg of Folate.
Vitamin B6 2mg
Vitamin B12 1000mcg
Baby aspirin
w/ + pregnancy test will add 3700 units of heparin 2x day. (maybe more)

What else would you recommend? More testing? Should I ask more about MTHFR? What about prednisone? Would prednisone help with early 2nd trimester MC?

Thank you for your time.


Dr. Braverman

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RE: 6 miscarriages, 2 live births. What next? Prednisone? Posted on: Aug 11, 2013 at 7:00am
Please this is a very complicated case and we do have treatments, you must call me to discuss . If you are not in NY you can schedule a free 10 minute discussion with me so we can determine the need for our services. Then you can have your OB consult with me if you are out of state or you can come to see me in person . But you have a significant autoimmune history and I am sure this is related to your losses.
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