7 miscarriages in a row (in 3 years), what now?

Jik Boom

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Reply Posted on: Jun 25, 2013 at 5:11am
Good afternoon, my name is Jik Boom, age 39, and since June last year I'm following treatment with Dr Gorky in London. After 5 early miscarriages (all around 6 weeks), these were natural pregnancies, we decided to have the various blood tests Dr Gorky is offering, NK cells, LIT treatments etc. He recommended IVF as well to be able to monitor the process better. First IVF cycle was in February this year, miscarried after 5,5 weeks. I had one frozen embryo, all were 5 day blastocysts actually, and am now miscarrying after 5 weeks and 9 days. I'm on a lot of medication, Clexane, Cyclogest, Progynova, Neupogen, Estraderm patches, Prednisolone, and had 6 weeks scan planned for next Monday. Also had LIT boosters, IVIG and intralipids. LAD levels were good this time after testing (99%). Just wanted to ask is there's anything left to try in your opinion? Or should we accept that my body just doesn't want to stay pregant, regardless all the medication? Not sure how far we should go and if it still makes sense in your expert opinion?

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RE: 7 miscarriages in a row (in 3 years), what now? Posted on: Jun 25, 2013 at 6:20am
I would need to assess your case from the beginning, sometimes throwing all of these treatments at once without a clear diagnosis can become the problem. Best would be to schedule a SKYPE or telephone consulaton with me and let me get all your information and possibly some additional testing. I do not beleive the LAD truley reflects the effectiveness of the LIT nor does it imply that you even need it. Most of these diagnosis are in yours and your husbands genetics and manytimes the treatments are based on this as well.
Email Kim at [email][email protected][/email] or fill out an online consult form and then she will get in touch to schedule. Do not give up Im sure I can find an answer for you.
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