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Reply Posted on: Apr 4, 2013 at 8:57pm
Hi Dr Braverman,
I am in Sydney and just received news that my current IVF cycle has resulted in another chemical pregnancy (22hcg). This is my third IVF cycle and third embryo transfer of a grade one embryo - all three cyles have been a chemical pregnancy. I have had one natural pregnancy in 2010 which I miscarried at 7 weeks.

Prior to this latest cycle my blood was sent to Rosalind Franklin and I received results that I have high NK cells, TNF of 37 and no DQ matches with my husband.

My Sydney based immune doctor prescribed 25mg prednisone starting 21 prior to cycle beginning, clexane from day one and IVIG. In Australia we can only get IVIG on a Sunday so had the infusion on the same night I was triggered (Sunday 17th March) an then embryo transfer on Day 2 which was the following Thursday (21st March). I also started 800mg progesterone pessaries as luteal support. I have been reading your blogs and following your advice so was gluten free and have been taking 2000iui of Vitamin D for 3 months as well.
As you can imagine, I had great hope that this cycle would be successful and at 41 felt like it was my last chance. We are devastated.

Given that I had what seems to be strong immune therapy this time around is there anything else that I can do? Should I just give up?

Can you advise if there is any hope for me. Neupogen? And if I can do it in Australia or would I need to travel to you.
Warm regards and many thanks, Sydney Girl

Dr. Braverman

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RE: Another chemical - TNF Posted on: Apr 5, 2013 at 7:08am
yes we can help you as we have with many patients in Australia. Best would be to email or call our offices and schedule a SKYPE consultation. I can get all the testing I need from your location and work with several doctors as well in Australia. Do not give up until we have had a chance to go over this case in detail.
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