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Reply Can I be helped? Posted on: Feb 1, 2011 at 2:27am
Hello Dr. Braverman,

I am a 32 year old female who has been married for 8 years. I have 2 little boys, who my husband and I adore. We would love more children, however have suffered 3 miscarriages after my second son. Two were at 14 weeks and one at 12. The last one was this past October, the 12 week nuchal scan was normal. I have had many tests and been to many doctors. After the second miscarriage it was recommended that I have low dose blood thinner as I had a subchorionic hemorrage with my first son and preeclampsia late in the second pregnancy. I was also taking folguard as well. Obviously clotting is not my problem as I lost the baby at 14 weeks besides. I never had a diagnosable clotting disorder anyway. I have no positive ANA. Sperm analysis on my husband is normal as well as both of our chromosomal analysis. I have a normal shaped uterus. After this last miscarriage all three placental slides were sent to a Harvard lab to test for CHI. There was nothing abnormal noted on anyone of the slides. I thought maybe we would get a surrogate, which is obviously very expensive. I even got my tubes tied because I could not bear to lose another baby. I have been to very well respected doctors who I respect very much. I guess I thought there was nowhere else to go. These doctors basically say they do not think there are any other tests for me to go through. In your opinion, can I be helped? I would love to hear your thoughts and if you think you can help, I would love to make an appointment to come see you. Thank you. Best Regards, Bridget

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Re: Can I be helped? Posted on: Feb 1, 2011 at 4:03am
Hi Bridgette, I am so sorry for your losses. There is still much to look at with you that I am sure has not been tested yet. I see this presentation quite often . There are a number of tests that I would run for you , I promise I wont waste your time and Im sure that i could help you and give you some answers.
Please call my office and ask for Kim she will set up a consultation for you. Clearly something new has developed since your second child and most likely immune related.
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