Chills after ET with immune treatment


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Reply Posted on: Feb 13, 2015 at 5:57am
Here is my history: started treatments at 36. Now 41 :(
5 IUIs=1 chemical
2 IVF attempts with OE=1st only 2 empty follicles, 2nd cancelled d/t ovulating before retrieval(high fsh)
3 DE ET=1st one fresh blast resulted in high/"great" betas followed by 5-6wk loss, 2nd and 3rd FETs result in lower doubling betas but then 5-6wk losses
2 gestational carrier attempts with frozen sET=BFN and then 9 week MMC
Last attempt in me using PGS normal ET(excellent quality)=chemical

The GC m/c was tested and chromosomally normal however I believe her loss was bad luck because one blast split into identicals. 7 week u/s showed one HB. Of 135 and normal length, other embryo HB only 65 and small. At 9 weeks both had no heartbeats.

For my last 3 ETs I was treated with AB immune protocol (ivig, lovenox, prednisone-except for the last transfer, and progesterone). Immune treatment made no difference. I have high positive APAs and ANA= 1:160. No other immune issues identified other than slight increase in NKs but that was not consistently found.

After my last transfer, 48 hours to be exact, i experienced severe chills, followed by fever like feeling, sore throat and headache. I KNOW my immune system attacked these pregnancies. My dr has always felt there was a sperm issue even though dna frag was 21% but after 3 months antioxidant therapy, fertilization of donor eggs was 90% and all made it to excellent-good Quality blasts. We have one DD embryo frozen as a last resort and one pgs normal embryo, and 2 blasts that were thawed but refroze because not hatching for biopsy.

We are planning to try a GC again, however i wonder if there would be any use in transferring the DD embryo in me. I wonder if intralipids might work better for me. The fact I experienced such chills after last attempt makes me feel hopeless-like my immune system will never let this work.

Ant thoughts?

Dr. Braverman

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RE: Chills after ET with immune treatment Posted on: Feb 17, 2015 at 9:49am
This certainly sounds like an immune reaction to the embryos , I would assume as with most of our patients this is a treatable condition and would not recommend GC until hwe have perforemd a workup and diagnosed the problem. If you would like our help please fill out a consultation request on the website and we can schedule a free 10 min chat.
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