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I had a miscarriage in 2004 and was devastated. my body would not release my baby and they did a dnc after telling me to wait for 5 weeks to see wht happens. it was awful! There was no bleeding, no cramps, nothing. Just a positive test a heartbeat at6 and 8 weeks and then none at 12 weeks. 3 days after the dnc i had horrific bleeding clotting and cramping.

Two years later i gave birth to a beautiul healthy little boy who is now 8 1/2. He is my world and I am so happy!

In my current relatinship I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks. There was spotting and the u/s showed a clot behind the gestational sac. 3 days later after an internal u/s and there was cramps and bleeding and I passed my baby in his sac.

This past November I was pregnant again. Everything seemed to be going great! There was a heartbeat and even an ultrasound that showed a little baby at around 13 weeks.

We have a long distance relationship and I went to see him. We cheduled to have a ultrasound to determine sex at 19 weeks. I was growing in my belly and showed all the normal signs of pregnancy of 19 weeks. On the 14th my back was hurting really bad. We went in to have the ultrasound on the 16th and showed no gestational sac at all!

I have had no bleeding, no cramping, nothing! what is going on?
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RE: confused Posted on: Mar 21, 2015 at 3:46pm
I would want to be sure the preganncy was actually in the uterine cavity. Maybe they thought it was on the first sonogram. Otherwise I have no epxlanation for this . A 13 week pregancy cannot resolve without passing and you should have been aware of this.
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