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Reply Posted on: Jul 31, 2013 at 8:29am
Dr Braverman
I have had 11OE cycles and am now doing DE. I've had four so far. Only managed to achieve a chemical on second one. Rest were negatives. My clinic did Chicago bloods before my second DE cycle and found nk cell issues as well as raised cytokines. The tests showed that intralipids worked well on the NK cells and we tried Humira to deal with the cytokines but to no avail. I have just last month managed, by using omega 3 and resveratrol to get my ck levels to a normal range. They were 35plus and are now 18. Over the last 12 months we also did an implantation failure panel and found I was very deficient in vit D and there was an issue with my PAI 1 levels. I've been taking vit D supplements and metformin and both these issues are now under control. I am about to do my fifth and probably last DE cycle so I want to be sure I give it my best shot. I am having an endometrial scratch done as well as embryo glue at time of transfer. I will also be having intralipids as before. I have heard of good success with Neupogen but my clinic only use if for lining issues and are not convinced about using it for implantation. Can you give me any information or advice that I could use when I am speaking with my fertility doctor next Tuesday to convince him that Neupogen can help with implantation? In terms of lining issues I have never had problems in this area although on last cycle the lining was triple layer but slightly thinner than normal at 7.6mm. So we scanned my lining on day 14 last month and I produce better lining without any drugs so we have already decided that on my next cycle I am going to do natural cycle prep. Sorry this is so long. I just wanted you to have all the information. Thanks very much in advance for any he or advice you can give me. This website and your experience is invaluable to all of us on this long, hard road.

Dr. Braverman

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RE: Convincing fertility doc re Neupogen Posted on: Jul 31, 2013 at 11:17am
It is very likley you have some significant immune issues I would not advise proceeding with a transfer until you have the answer for these issues for with IL generally is not effective. I could not give you advice about the use of neupogen unless I knew exactly why you needed it. YOu should fill out a consult form on my website and we could get you organized for the correct workup and then give you the exact managment plan that you need.
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