Currently pregnant - any suggestions?


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Reply Posted on: Sep 21, 2012 at 4:01pm
I spoke with you on the phone recently -thank you so much for your time. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to come to NY right now for follow-up/testing. Since I'm already pregnant (~5weeks) I have decided to self- treat as best I can and then if it doesn't work out - to come see you before I conceive next time for a thorough work-up.

I am 37 - last year, when I was 36 I conceived naturally 4 times, I had 3 early chemicals (before 5 weeks) with low, slowish betas; and then a blighted ovum diagnosed at 8 weeks (empty gestational sac, but high beta of 30,000 by the time I took misoprostol). They also said my uterine lining was extremely thick.

This pregnancy's betas are better; 70 at 13 dpo, 502 at 17 dpo, and 1145 at 19 dpo. Starting at 13 dpo - currently taking Prednisone 20 mg/day, Claritin 10 mg/day, Pepcid 10 mg twice daily, Fish Oil 1200mg twice daily, Vitamin C 500 mg twice daily, Vitamin D 2000 IU twice daily, folic acid 800 mcg/day, ASA 81 mg/day and prenatal vitamin.

Family history of autoimmune (mother with sjogren's and other issues); and a personal history of idiopathic hives/pressure hives/itching for no reason. No PCOS or endometriosis symptoms.

I know without testing you cannot really know what is going on with me or suggest treatment, but empirically - is there anything else one can do in my situation? Increase prednisone? Add Co-Q10? Acupuncture? I do not have access to Lovenox or G-CSF.

Thanks Dr. Braverman!!

Dr. Braverman

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RE: Currently pregnant - any suggestions? Posted on: Sep 21, 2012 at 9:22pm
I think you are on good treatments for immune related losses. But as you stated so eloquently , I cant give advice on management of such a complex case without all the details, it would be guessing and you know how much I hate to do that. Im here if you need me. good luck.
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