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Reply Do you think you can help us?? Posted on: Apr 1, 2011 at 12:23am
Hi Dr. Braverman,

Here's my quick history/situation -- I am 40 years old with 4 kids ages 3, 13, 15 and 18. My husband and I would like to have one more child. We have been trying for a couple years and have become pregnant 5 times during that time all ending in miscarriage. Two of the losses were in the second trimester and the other 3 were first trimester losses. It was discovered after our first loss, which was a second trimester loss that I have an MTHFR genetic mutation, so I went on lovenox with the subsequent pregnancy. However, that pregnancy ended in a loss, too. I have seen two maternal fetal specialists, have had multiple tests (although I don't believe I've had any immune tests), had the 2nd trimester babies tested and my husband has had a semen analysis and nobody can find anything that is wrong with either of us, and other than lovenox and baby aspirin nobody has any ideas of what we can do to prevent further miscarriages (or at least reduce the chance of them!!). Both 2nd trimester babies that we lost were chromosomally normal. Other than being diagnosed with vitilago after the first loss, I am the epitome of good health. I am average weight, have no health issues, take no medication. My husband takes long-term medication for a thyroid disorder and beta blockers for migraines. All of my prior pregnancies/deliveries were easy, uneventful and resulted in perfectly healthy babies with no complications whatsoever. I had no miscarriages until the last couple years. We can't understand what has happened in the last couple years to make it impossible for my husband and I to have the last child that we would like to have, but we don't want to keep getting pregnant over and over again only to lose the baby when it certainly appears that there is an undiagnosed/untreated issue that is causing this to occur. We would, of course, like to find the cause of all of this.

We are interested in setting up a consultation with you. I spoke with Kim yesterday, but I wanted to share a brief history of our situation to see if you thought you could help us. Is it likely that if we run enough tests that something will turn up to explain all of this, or could we still be left without answers at the end of it all. Also, it appears that many of the immune-type tests are not covered by insurance, so I was wondering if there was anyone who could give me any idea at all what all of these test would cost (just a ballpark figure).

Thank you in advance for your time.


Dr. Braverman

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Re: Do you think you can help us?? Posted on: Apr 1, 2011 at 3:45am
Hi Anita, I am very sorry for all your losses. Im sure we can at least find you an answer at is seems something new has develeoped since the birth of your last child and I would be surprised if it did not turn up in one of our tests or maybe Ill see something in your history once we speak. the cost of the immune testing if your insurance does not cover at all is about 800 dollars.
I look forward to speaking with you and helping you get past this very difficult time.
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