Donor Egg Cycle FAQ

Where do we get our donor?

We have a pool of donors that you can select from that our staff personally recruits, screens, and matches for our anonymous egg donor program. We also work with donor Agencies who will assist you with the process of selecting a donor.

When do I need to be at the center for my transfer?

Because of our high success rates with fresh as well as frozen transfers, it is going to be up to the patient as to when she would like to be transferred. Some find it convenient for us to cycle the donor and freeze all the embryos at which point they can come for the transfer when their schedule allows. But we can also synchronize both the donor and recipient cycles so the transfer can be done fresh (this takes a bit more coordinating but it is not difficult).

How do I know if I really need "donor egg"?

Many times after our thorough immune investigations, we find that many of our patients can still conceive using their own eggs. Poor egg quality was not the reason for their past IVF failures and because of the science of reproductive immunology, we can detect immunological reasons for implantation failure and we can treat them as well. For many of our patients, our IVF with your own eggs/donor egg combination package is great and affordable option, which gives patients that last chance with our immune therapies to succeed with their own eggs before moving on to donor and significantly reducing the cost of both.

Why come to Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology?

Because, there is no other IVF center in the world with the same level of expertise and the ability to properly diagnose and treat these immune related implantation issues. We have a 92% live birth / ongoing pregnancy success rate on our donor cycles using the original batch of donor eggs, since we opened our new center in July 2011.

Is financing available?

Yes, proud to be affiliated with Springstone Patient Financing -- a company that offers payment plans for fertility treatments.

What is the guarantee program?

Because of our consistent success rate with our donor egg program, we are confident in launching our Donor Guarantee Program to our patients. They must be a self-pay patient and be considered an appropriate candidates for IVF services. Patients will undergo a fresh donor recipient cycle. After the initial fresh cycle, any remaining embryos will be cryopreserved in our laboratory. If the fresh cycle is not successful, ALL subsequent (FET) Frozen Embryo Transfer cycles are Free until patient achieves pregnancy and maintains that pregnancy until 16 gestational weeks using the original batch of donor eggs. If the patient is not successful with the original batch of donor eggs, patient will be entitled to a new donor recipient cycle and all the services performed by Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology will be at no cost. Patient will be responsible for Donor Agency fees and any Donor Remuneration. Braverman IVF will incur all the FDA screening blood work, medication cost for the recipient and donor and all laboratory procedure costs for the subsequent donor recipient cycle. Program is complete upon patient achieving 16 gestational weeks.

What is the IVF/Donor Egg combination Package?

Many times after our immune investigations we find that patients can still conceive with their own eggs, and that poor egg quality was not the reason for their initial IVF failures. For these patients we offer our IVF/Donor combination Package. Patient will undergo an IVF cycle for an attempt to achieve pregnancy with their own eggs. If they are not successful, they will have an opportunity to have a second cycle using donor egg. The donor recipient cycle is discounted and if they are successful on their first fresh IVF cycle, there is no obligation to complete the donor cycle.

What if I discover there is an immunological cause for my implantation problem and I may still be able to conceive with my own eggs? Would I still have to have an egg donor cycle, could I try again with my own eggs first?

Yes, this is the reason we created our combination package and why it is one of our most popular programs. Our IVF with your own eggs/egg donor combination package allows you a chance to conceive with your own eggs, and should you not succeed, a Donor Egg cycle will be performed both with a significant discount. Once we identify the cause of the implantation problem, many couples want one last chance to try with their own eggs without the fear of the financial burden of a full cost Donor Egg cycle should they not succeed. This program has helped many conceive their own child or at least know that they have tried all they can before moving on to donor eggs.