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Reply Posted on: Oct 14, 2012 at 11:46am
Hello Dr. Braverman,

I have a question about DQ alpha and NK cells. I am 36 yrs old and have undergone 7 IVF cycles so far. I got pregnant on my first IVF cycle, but miscarried at 6.5 weeks. After the first 3 failed cycles, I got a second opinion and found that my husband and I have a partial DQ alpha match as well as elevated NK cells. Under the advise of my current RE, we did banking cycles to get as many embryos as possible before attempting transfer. Unfortunately the last 2 cycles did not yield any viable embryos and I am weighing my options on the embryos I have frozen. Do you think from my below test results, I would be better off with using a surrogate rather than compromising my remaining embryos? Do you think the HLA matches are significant in my case?
My HLA panel results:DQ Beta: 03, 06HLA-A: 01, 24HLA-B: 07,15HLA-C: 07, 08HLA-DRB1: 12, 15, DRB3, DRB5 presentDQ Alpha: 1.3, 4.3Husband's HLA panel results:DQ Beta: 02, 06HLA-A: 01, 30HLA-B: 13, 57HLA-C: 06, 06HLA-DRB1: 07, 15, DRB4, DRB5 presentDQ Alpha: 1.3, 2.0
NK Cell Assay with IVIg:T:E 1:50 Native State %Killed 11.0T:E 1:25 Native State %Killed 8.9T:E 1:12.5 Native State %Killed 5.6T:E 1:50 with IL-2 stim %Killed 10.6T:E 1:25 with IL-2 stim %Killed 8.3T:E 1:12.5 with IL-2 stim %Killed 8.0T:E 1:50 with IVIg 12.5 %Killed 9.4T:E 1:25 with IVIg 12.5 %Killed 7.5T:E 1:12.5 with IVIg 12.5 %Killed 4.9T:E 1:50 with IVIg 6.5 %Killed 10.4T:E 1:25 with IVIg 6.5 %Killed 6.6T:E 1:12.5 with IVIg 6.5 %Killed 5.6Native State Stimulated(IL-2) Suppressed(IVIg)Normal 10NK Cell Assay with IL:T:E 1:50 Native State %Killed 12.0T:E 1:25 Native State %Killed 9.7T:E 1:12.5 Native State %Killed 6.4T:E 1:50 with IL-2 stim %Killed 10.2T:E 1:25 with IL-2 stim %Killed 7.2T:E 1:12.5 with IL-2 stim %Killed 7.1T:E 1:50 Intralipid 1:2000 %Killed 13.4T:E 1:25 Intralipid 1:2000 %Killed 7.7T:E 1:12.5 Intralipid 1:2000 %Killed 6.9Native State Stimulated(IL-2) Suppressed(IL)Normal 10 Thank you for your time. Thanks, Summer.

Dr. Braverman

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RE: DQ alpha and NK cells Posted on: Oct 14, 2012 at 5:32pm
Ok if you only have a few embryos left , then I suggest we talk at some point so I can go over this case carefully to help you make the decisison. You do appear to have significangt HLA issues, but I need to know more to give you advice.
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