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Reply Posted on: Jul 26, 2013 at 3:49am
Hi Dr. B,

I spoke to you yesterday during our phone consult and something stuck out in my mind as I move towards my next FET. You stated that Intralipids would not work in my situation (based on what we discussed, won't go into details here) as I have not been pregnant (recently or have any issues with miscarriage-I just don't get pregnant notwithstanding a "perfect" IVF cycle) as I have pre-implantation failure for over 5 years. I have read that many women have success on intralipids with pre-implantation failure so I am very confused. If you would, please explain why you think it will not work in my situation only knowing that all tests are normal and I have slightly raised NK Killer Cells and 4 Partial HLA Matches (which you confirmed don't look like an issue at first glance). I know we do not know the "root" of the problem without my coming to NY or further testing through your office but I don't know why Intralipids would not be helpful in lower Killer Cell activity at the very least in my situtation as it appears to have helped women with less testing that I and in the same situation. Just wondering if you could please explain as I am quite nervous about intralipids working.

Also, what I didn't mention is that i am working with a holistic doctor & acupuncturist as well. I have eliminated all allergic foods for 3 months, dairy free, gluten free, juicing 2X a day so I know food allergies is out of the question. I have been tested for Insulin Resisitence several times, I am at an ideal weight, no signs of endo or anything else.

I will be doing itralipids, taking prednisone, baby aspirin, for the FET cycle and was hopeful this may work along with all the acupuncture, diet, etc. Even if I were to determine the "root" what would the other treatment options be other than what i am doing now? Thank you in advance for calming my nerves. I am quite interested in doing further testing with your office but just nervous about intralipids now.

Thank you.

Dr. Braverman

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RE: FOLLOW UP ON INTRALIPIDS Posted on: Jul 26, 2013 at 6:06am
Im not saying it wouldnt work , just that it is not the most likely needed treatment for complete implantation failure. Your regimen of suppression may help you as well as your diet modification , I just cant give you my opinion as it would only be a guess and you can get good guesses anywhere. I prefer to give you an opinion on the root of the problem and I couldnt go into all the permuations of what those might be without the workup. Understand that many people get the right treatment for the wrong reasons. NK cells alone do not make a diagnosis , but treating them may be treating other issues that were not tested for. You havent convinced me with the limited workup that this is strictly an immune issue and maybe you are just waiting for a good embyro .
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