FSH and antibiotics question?


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Reply Posted on: Feb 19, 2013 at 1:37pm
First, Thank you for being a real 21st century doctor.

I had my FSH tested by my re when I was 30.5 yrs old and it was 9.98. My Re told me all my levels were great but after 2 unexplained ivf failures and lots of Internet research I think she was bluffing... Ive read a lvl of 10 is high! Is my 9.98 FSH level at 30.5 yrs old an indicator of DOR? I produced 10 mature eggs on my first ivf (2 months before I turned 32) and 9 mature eggs on my 2nd cycle a month after I turned 32.

The first cycle produced 8 which made it to high quality blasts and the second cycle I produced 8 but most were crappy embryos. I think only 2 made it to low quality blast! Also, they were genetically tested and 6 of 8 had chromosomal issues. I am so scared my body is running out of time and good eggs. I'm also very curious as to how I produced 8 quality blasts my first cycle and only 2 the second cycle which was only 3 mos later. I was on antibiotics for 3 wks for an unrelated infection caused by a spider bite between the two cycles AND I was on antibiotics again for bronchitis/sinus infection just prior to starting stims for the second cycle. I called my res office and asked it it was ok to take all these meds during my cycle and she said yes just to stay on lupron an extra week. She did not seemed concerned at all about egg quality. Could all those drugs have harmed my eggs? If not, what could cause such a drastic change?

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RE: FSH and antibiotics question? Posted on: Feb 21, 2013 at 6:28am
First you are correct an FSH of 9.8 at 30 is considered unusual and at least suspicious for DOR. I would get an AMH in those situations as well. But as you can see it is still quite possible to make good quality blasts it just takes longer. I dont think the antibiotics played a part in your poor cycle. They just happen. I wouldnt think anything of it unless it continuously happens. Once you have shown you can make PGD normal embryos I would not use PGD anymore, just take your best blasts and transfer them. I think if there is no familial tendency to this, you should also consider endometriosis as a cause.

I would be happy to help you with all of this , feel free to call my office and they will shedule a free 10 minute consult so we can discuss your case.
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