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Reply Posted on: Jun 5, 2013 at 10:28am
Hi, I am coming to see you in person in July. We are going to cycle with you.

I am a carrier for an x-linked condition (x-linked ichthyois) so we really need to try and get as many females as possible to avoid this. With my last IVF cycle, we got 2 males in the end (chromosomally normal) but are unsure if they have the micro deletion I carry, so we decided to do IFV all over again. We did the day 3 FISH analysis with my first IVF cycle and they were able to ID if a micro deletion was present (no probe was required). For the last cycle, we just did a CGF micro array specifically going for females. The micro array did not screen for the micro deletion.

Question...since there is no way to avoid the chance of getting males at the end, so what genetic testing would you suggest for our next cycle? If we only get boys, then we woud implant only knowing they did not have the micro deletion.

I personally think the day 3 biopsy damaged a lot of our embryos because we only had 1/13 make it to blast (I am 33).

Any opinions are appreciated. I wanted to see if we needed to contact Reprogenetics and get a probe set up, etc. based on your recommendation. I want to start cycling ASAP and know these things can take a while.

On top of this, I have Hashimoto's.

Thank you so much.
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Diagnosed with Hashimoto's in March 2013 and discovered I am a genetic carrier for an x-linked condition we are trying to avoid.

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RE: Genetic Testing-Advice Posted on: Jun 11, 2013 at 1:22pm
yes this is a question you can pose directly to Reprogenetics they will guide you. I prefer day 5 biopsies and freezing with a subsequent transfer of "normal" embryos the very next cycle by FET. Once I evaluate you we can discuss the issue of the Hashimotos as well.
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