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Reply Have you any suggestions? Posted on: Feb 11, 2011 at 1:54pm
Dear Dr Braverman

I live in the UK and since the birth of my daughter three years ago (a trouble-free pregnancy) have suffered three recurrent miscarriages - the first at 16 weeks, the second at 8 weeks and the third at 17 weeks. Post mortems on both late miscarriages have given no answers as to why I miscarried at this late stage and all tests (sticky blood, karotyping etc, etc) have come back as normal. I have tested as having high NK cells and for the last pregnancy I was taking steroids (until the 14th week of pregnancy), aspirin and progesterone supplements but still discovered the baby had died at a scan when I was 17 weeks' pregnant.

My doctor in the UK believes my problem to be linked to my immune system but is unsure of what to try next. When I was pregnant with my daughter I developed an itchy rash at eight months (tests for obsteric cholestatis were negative) and in my last pregnancy also developed a rash soon after stopping the steroids. It feels like I have become allergic to pregnancy!

Have you any ideas as to why this is happening or any suggestions of what to try next?

Dr. Braverman

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Re: Have you any suggestions? Posted on: Feb 11, 2011 at 7:46pm
If you go through our discussion forum you will see a very similar case. The dose of prednisone and when to start and stop are very important. Our patient who was found to have a significant number of HLA matches was started on 40mg of prednisone and remained on until mid second trimester. You would need a full immune panel to confirm the correct approach. please call me and set up a consultation , dont despair.
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