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Reply Posted on: Sep 5, 2013 at 1:12pm
Would LIT in addition to Intralipid injections and prednisone and perhaps baby aspririn be advised? I am interested in LIT and would like to find a doctor that will oversee my case that agrees with LIT. Do you think it will be beneficial for me? My husband has 0501/0501 and I have 0501/0104. We both also have MTHFR, I have heterozygous A1298c and C6667t and my husband has C6667t homozygous. I also have PAI-1 4g/4g yet low (in normal range) homocysteine levels in both if us and my anticoagulate III was slightly elevated. I also have thin uterine lining, never makes it past 7.2 or so. Estrogen is on the low side. All NKcells found normal, never had the LAD or K-562. Read about these tests in "Is Your Body Baby Friendly" book but Sher clinic didn't recommend these tests. Would you advice these?
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RE: HLA-DQ Matching 0501 100% Posted on: Sep 5, 2013 at 1:21pm
you cant make recommendations on treatment wihtout the full HLA testing the DQalpha alone does not give you enough information. I use LIT but only when it is idicated and you can only garner this from the full HLA profile not the LAD. Please read by blog on HLA for more information .
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