HLA matching issue...not sure if there is hope


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Reply HLA matching issue...not sure if there is hope Posted on: Jun 22, 2011 at 4:22pm
I am hoping to seek some additional advice before my husband and I decide if it is worth going through a second cycle of IVF. After researching different RE's in our area, we came across one we felt comfortable with. He was the only one that we met with that actually figured out what our problem was, tested both me and my husband and it met his conclusions. We have an HLA match issue. Last year I had 4IUI's..1st one took MC at 10 wks - the others ended up being chemical pregnancies all done by my gynecologist who suggested I seek an RE. I have just finished my 1st cycle of IVF at a fertility clinic and found out yesterday it did not work. To overcome the HLA match, I was put on Lovenox 40mg two days after retrieval-once daily, prednisone-1 daily start day of retrieval and then the regular meds for the IVF cycle. Unfortuately he wanted me on aspirin as well but due to my ulcerative colitis, I could not take it...which he said would not be a problem. So we skipped that.
We are meeting him tomorrow for a follow-up to discuss what happened and next steps. I came across your website after researching HLA matching and decided to seek some additional help. I am willing to go through another cycle only if it is possible to overcome the HLA match problem which seems to be our issue - not sure if it will be with the same RE or seek a new one. Is it possible to have a consult with you to discuss further what our probabilities are. I am 41 and have a beautiful 5yr old daughter, which we had no problem conceiving and a problem free pregnancy. I look forward to your response...

Dr. Braverman

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Re: HLA matching issue...not sure if there is hope Posted on: Jun 23, 2011 at 3:39am
Yes I treat HLA matches quite often and we do very well so do not despair. I would like to see the HLA testing you had performed. You were not on the correct treatment if you indeed had significant HLA matching. Please call my office right away and schedule a consultation with me, I would be happy to guide you through your next IVF>
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