hoping to avoid a 5th miscarriage -help?


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Reply Posted on: Nov 25, 2012 at 10:43pm
I am presently 10 weeks pregnant (caught us by surprise this time!) but am getting a very clear sense of deja-vu and was wondering what else I can do to try to sustain this pregnancy. I don't think I have the strength to go through another loss. I had been looking into immunological testing when I found out I was pregnant this time on our own without any help from a clinic.

We have one awesome, wonderful, incredible, loved son who is just over 4 years old. That was a completely normal pregnancy without any help and a natural delivery with no drugs. He is healthy as a horse and occasionally eats like one (though we try to avoid using a feed bag when company is over :P).

Since then we conceived twice on our own but both were early losses around 5-6 weeks.

My fourth pregnancy was with the assistance of gonal-F and an IUI but resulted in a blighted ovum. I tried misoprostal to miscarry at home but was unsuccessful and ended up having a D&C in July of 2011.

My fifth pregnancy was this time last year - I had some early spotting which became heavy at 10 weeks and was diagnosed with an SCH. I was put on bedrest through Christmas (hard with a then three year old in the house) and the IPS screening showed a healthy baby just before christmas but that fetal demise happened shortly thereafter. I didn't find out until at a midwife appointment at 14 weeks where they couldn't find a HR on the doppler with my son looking on. I miscarried at home with the help of misoprostal but had a D&C for products of conception that had been retained thereafter. I was on baby aspirin and progesterone (100mg, once daily) and pregvit folic 5 until 12 weeks when all was said to be clear.

Now this pregnancy - I am 10 weeks and started bleeding heavily 4 days ago. At a long visit in the ER I was diagnosed with a large SCH and put on bedrest for another month. I am on baby aspirin (have been since positive test), pregvit folic 5, and 100mg progesterone twice daily along with hCG injections every 3 days to try to support the pregnancy.

Is there anything that can be done or am I just waiting to miscarry this one too?

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RE: hoping to avoid a 5th miscarriage -help? Posted on: Nov 26, 2012 at 6:02am
Most of the immune issues are implantation related and treatment is best initiated at the start of conception so the proper placental development can occur. Just because you are bleeding does not mean you have an issue as this is still a farily common event. At this point observation is the best treatment. I usually stop the baby aspirin when there has been bleeding. But please understand I do not know your case so you must follow the advice of your doctor.
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