How long to stay on prednisolone?


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Reply How long to stay on prednisolone? Posted on: Aug 25, 2011 at 8:51pm
My reproductive history:
2003 spontaneous complete miscarriage at 7 weeks
2004 gave birth to son at 34 weeks
2007 spontanous complete miscarriage at 6 weeks
2008 gave birth to son at 40 weeks
2009 missed abortion at 9 weeks, D&C
2010 missed abortion, monozygotic twins at 10 weeks, D&C
Currently pregnant, started out as twins but lost one at 8 weeks.
Does my history indicate any immune issues? - RPL panels have all come back within normal range, immunetesting is not done in my country, so I haven't had that done.
My doctor put me on 15mg of prednisolone as a "we'll try anything" measure this pregnancy, but would like me to to wean at 9 weeks. This seems so early to me, from what I've read most people stay on it till 12 weeks or even 20 weeks. What would you recommend - especially as I will not be able to have any immune testing done (I know some people are repeatedly tested throughout pregnancy)? Should I discuss with my doctor to stay on it for longer? Why is prednisolone only used in the 1st trimester (generally), rather than throughout pregnancy? Does it not have any positive effects after a certain time? I know there is never any guarantees, but is there a point in pregnancy at which immune issues are no longer as much of a threat?
And finally, if this pregnancy fails, would you recommend being tested for RI issues? Could initial testing be done by your office, and then later follow-up be done in co-operation with my doctor in my home-country?
In advance, many thanks

Dr. Braverman

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Re: How long to stay on prednisolone? Posted on: Aug 26, 2011 at 7:10pm
without the immune testing its hard to answer your questions, except that 15mg is a low dose and if I found issues I would continue 40mg until at least 14 weeks and I have gone as far as 20 weeks. What country are you in as we can get to you in any country in the world and get the testing done.
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