Treating Multiple Miscarriages with Humira

Prevent Miscarriage: Answers to Pregnancy Loss

If your attempts at getting pregnant after a miscarriage have been unsuccessful, you may benefit from Humira (adalimumab). It is not a first-line treatment for multiple miscarriages, but is used for patients who have not responded to other treatments. In some cases, the mother's immune system has a high level of the substance known as TNF-alpha, which is involved in the immunologic causes of recurrent miscarriage.

This factor can make it difficult for an embryo to survive its earliest stages of development, and Humira works to reduce the amount of TNF-alpha. A secondary benefit to this treatment is that lowered levels of TNF-alpha prevent the activation of other immune reactions that might otherwise attack the developing embryo. The most notable risk associated with this treatment is the activation of old tuberculosis, but a pre-therapy TB test can screen against this possibility.

Helping Provide Success After RPL and FISCP

Many of our patients have tried several other treatment options in their attempts to get pregnant after multiple miscarriages before they come to our clinic. Dr. Braverman offers a unique approach to reproductive immunology and he is determined to make his skill and expertise available to anyone in the world. If you live in New York State but are unable to travel to our office, we are willing to schedule a telephone or SKYPE consultation.

He will work with his staff to devise a plan for your treatment, which may include a combination of Humira and IVIG treatment, a pairing which has proven to be a particularly effective regimen. After briefing you on the plan he will answer any questions you may have. He will monitor your progress during treatment and over the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. Our goal is to help you achieve your goal of having children, and we have been recognized as the best infertility practice on Long Island for the past 3 years.

Contact a reproductive specialist from our practice when you have not had success using other treatment options and want to find out if Humira may help you.