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Reply Posted on: Jul 11, 2013 at 1:18pm
I recently did a cycle at the Argc. I used Humira and got my levels to 30 and was then recomended to use IVIG a week before egg collection. The thoughts of a blood product freaked me out I couldn't do it and had an Interlipid drip, instead. Apparently, I have the really bad killer cells. I've now recieved a BFN after transfering too fine quality eggs and am blaming myself for it's failure because I didn't do as recomended.

Would the Ivig have made a difference?

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Dr. Braverman

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RE: Immunes Posted on: Jul 11, 2013 at 2:07pm
Im not sure what "really " bad killer cells means? but wtihout seeing your entire history I can not help you decide if you received the correct treatment. It is more likely than not that the failure to take IVIG casued the BFN. I would be happy to assist you with your treatment plan but you need to get in touch with me for a consult , we can do this via SIYPE if you are out of the country.
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