Immunological Treatments & Egg Retrieval (Timing)


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Reply Posted on: Sep 6, 2013 at 6:23am
I am 36 years old this coming month and tests reveal I am in need of immunotherapy (HLA-DQ matching, thyroiditis, chronic allergies). In addition, due to my husbands condition (AZFc region micro deletion) we would need to do ICSI. I also have a history of a poor lining and was told I couldn't have fresh tranfers due to this.

Should I get as many eggs out as possible now due to my age, have them fertilized, diagnosed and then frozen prior to beginning immune therapy? Or does immune therapy begin prior or during egg retrieval procedings? Thank you.
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RE: Immunological Treatments & Egg Retrieval (Timing) Posted on: Sep 6, 2013 at 7:31am
First there is no diagnosis that can be made from HLA DQ matching (read my blog on HLA testing) . So the first real question is what immune diagnosis do you truley have, based on that you can make decisions about freeze all vs. fresh transfer. In cases where we establish a true immuen etiology we do a freeze all and yes then I would freeze after testing . Some of the immune treatments require prep piror to the FET.
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