Intralipids and immune issues


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Reply Posted on: Feb 11, 2014 at 10:28pm
Hi Dr,

Recently I suffered from a miscarriage on 5 weeks and 5 days from a FET cycle.I was doing absolutely fine since my transfer, until that fateful day, when i suddenly (without any cramps, abdominal pain or warning) started bleeding.The bleeding lasted for 1 hour only, but during that time I passed a big dense clot, which I am absolutely certain was the fetus.Now, many things are coming to my mind as to what might have caused it.I have food allergy in egg white, and although ideally intralipids contain egg yolks and not whites, I am not sure if that is causing a reaction.More so because of the fact, that I had taken intralipids just 3 days before my first O/B ultrasound.Worth mentioning, is the fact, that 5 days before my transfer (on the night of my ovidrel shot) i suddenly got chill and temperature of 100F.The fever came down on its own. In the next morning it was 99F. Few hours later, it had completely gone, without taking any OTC medicines.That morning i went for blood work and my white blood cell count was 14.7 and CRP 0.9. That same day i also had my intralipid infusion (4 days before my fe transfer).Seeing such high, wbc I was ordered to be off dexamathasone, to see if the white blood cell count comes down.3 days after I got temperature, I went again for my blood draw and this time my WBC did come down to 9.5 (being off of dex for 2 days), but crp was 2.5.The next day was my transfer, i felt absolutely fine on that day and went ahead with the transfer.I got strong betas as well, but then miscarried.I am wondering if intralipids played any part in my miscarriage, or could it be other immune factors.

Dr. Braverman

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RE: Intralipids and immune issues Posted on: Feb 21, 2014 at 1:36pm
I dont think the intralipids played a part in your miscarraige, but your workup for immune issues is vastly incomplete, so I could not offer any other opinions about your treatment wihtout a full evaluation. I do not think the WBC was that high for pregnancy in fact those levels are seen quite often.
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