Ivf#7 and still no success


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Reply Posted on: Jan 23, 2014 at 8:09am
I am living in Ireland but I feel like I have been around the world literally in relation to my fertility journey. I have pco and have always carried more weight than I should. I am on 850mg metformin (glucophage) 3 times daily. My Gynae ran some tests a few years back which showed I had not been ovulating. I was put on clomid for 9 mths responded well but no success. I then proceeded to an IVF clinic where I had 3 iui's with no success. Moved to IVF.....
IVF #1: 1 day 5 blast transferred- neg
Fet : 1 day 5 blast transferred - positive but ended as chem preg
IVF #3: 2 x day 3 embies transferred - neg
IVF #4&5 - no transferKaryotype bloods carried out both partners & results - normal
Immune tests show high antinuclear antibodies 1280 titer.Treatment for immunes for IVF 6&7 included 25mg prednisolene steroids, aspirin, 40mg clexane and intralipidsIvf #6: 2 x day 5 blasts transferred- negative with immune treatment.
IVF #7: 2 x day 5 blasts transferred - positive but ended as blighted ovum @ 5.5 wks with immune treatment as above.ANA retested last week & are now higher @ 1600 titer. Have reduced my weight by 4 stone (BMI now at 30) and have confirmed day 21 progesterone bloods at 55+ showing that I'm now ovulating on my own.I'm just so confused what to do from here.Do I chance another IVF with same treatment as above, as both miscarriages happened before 6 wks and dr's here put it down to chromosomal. Do you think I may not have that correct immune therapy plan? Do you believe that you can provide better treatment for me???Or even do you think you could provide me with a treatment that could achieve a pregnancy success while I'm trying naturally, now that I know I'm definitely ovulating on my own.HELP...

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RE: Ivf#7 and still no success Posted on: Jan 23, 2014 at 9:47am
I think you clearly have immune issues and to tailor your treatment you would need to have a correct diagnosis . I would be happy to help you . Best would be to fill out a consult request form from the website then we can scheudule a SKYPE consult and get all of the correct immune testing ordered. You have many issues that together make a complex case .
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