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Reply Posted on: Aug 8, 2012 at 5:34pm
Hi Dr Braverman I sent you a post earlier, I would like to know do you consult with others Doctor because I am currently a patient of Dr T at Sirm, ny and this will be my 5th cycle. i was pregnant twice but had a miscarriage. i had immune testing done after 2nd miscarriage, which stated that I have elevated Natural killer cells. since then i have did 1 fresh cycle, 2 frozen with CGH tested embryos and have not achieved pregnant. My last transfer which was in july my Beta a 7, i came back in 2 days and it dropped to 3.5, do you think this could be a lining issue or a result of my immune because with the viagra suppostories my lining was a 9. One last question i had physical with my Pcp Dr and she did a lot of blood work. i just got the report and it stated the my vitamin D is low so my doctor precribed Ergocalciferol 5000 units, I only take it once a week ,do you think that having low Vitamin D has an impact on my immune issues. I am currently doing Intralipids and predisone.

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RE: Ivf Failure Posted on: Aug 8, 2012 at 6:57pm
unfortunately due to sucha heavy volume of collabortaions with other centers and the impact it had on our ability to care for those at our center, we are no longer offering those services.
You certainly sound like you need advanced immuno diagnostics I would be happy to see you at our center in Manhattan , Im sure I can help you to resolve these issues.
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