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Reply Last hope.... Posted on: Jul 31, 2011 at 11:09pm
Hi Dr Braverman. I have been e-mailing Kim as I am considering booking a telephonic consultation with you. I live in South Africa & am trying to find a doctor that I can be sure will be open to working with you if you were to decide to take my case on. I was diagnosed with an AMH level of 0.14 at age 33 after 3 years of trying to conceive. My 1st IVF was cancelled due to no response & my 2nd IVF, although much longer & more aggressive, ended up the same way. I was told I would not have my own child & should consider donor eggs. But I'm not ready to turn my back on trying for my own child.... After the IVF attempts, my FSH got high, my oestrogen low & eventually even my insulin got slightly high & I am now on Glucophage (Metformin) for that but I get hot flushes for weeks at a time & then nothing & my cycles are about 95 days long on average. I have done acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Homeopathy for a year which has reduced intensity of hot flushes but that's about all & I have now stopped all that. I had a telephone consult with a Dr at a fertility clinic in NY & after that consult I was told DHEA would probably be the way to go but I was told I would have to sign papers to commit to going to NY for egg retrieval & transfer if I was able to stim & produce eggs on DHEA. The costs (because of exchange rate) were too high so I could not go that route & they would not give me the DHEA anyway - I felt like I had been robbed of $450 (consult fee)... I then went to see another fertility specialist here who I asked about the possibility of trying DHEA - he eventually very
reluctantly gave me a prescription for it but said that he does not believe it does anything & also said I should consider donor eggs. I am so desperate to have my own child - I would do almost anything! I cannot quit yet & give in to donor eggs.... I am hoping you can help me. Is my situation/condition (POF) something you think you could help with? Have you worked with any doctors here in South Africa that you could recommend so that I can work with both of you in trying to fulfil this dream of mine? This will have to be my last resort because I cannot think of what else to do - no doctors here feel there is any hope for me. I hope to hear back from you...

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Re: Last hope.... Posted on: Aug 3, 2011 at 9:25pm
I am sure of only one thing that I can try my best to help you. I would prescribe and have used DHEA as well as Human Growth Hormone plus a list of supplements. You know and I dont have to remind you how difficult this will be, but everyone is entitled to pursue a child as long as they know the chances of success. I will be happy to work with you and if you check with some of my SA patients Im sure they can refer you to the REs that I have worked with . Good Luck.
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