Lovenox and Clexane Therapy

Multiple Miscarriage Treatment: Enoxaparin Sodium

Therapy involving enoxaparin sodium (marketed under trade names Lovenox and Clexane) has numerous benefits in assisting women who are trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage. Most insurance carriers cover this therapy, making it an affordable option for many of our patients. It an anti-coagulant that is administered through injections and there are several reasons for its effectiveness as a treatment for multiple miscarriages:

  • Prevents the formation of blood clots in the embryo and placenta.
  • Increases the production of cellular substances that are important in the implantation process.
  • Increases insulin-like growth factor at the site of implantation.
  • Increases production of a protein that assists in binding the early embryo to the lining of the uterus.
  • Has suppressive effects on the immunologic causes of recurrent miscarriage.

None of our patients has ever suffered serious complications while on Lovenox or Clexane therapy. Women using this treatment need to take calcium supplements, and the most common complaint is bruising in the abdomen near the site of the injection. Dr. Braverman can fully explain the benefits of this type of therapy when he meets with you to go over your treatment plan.

Treating Multiple Miscarriages with Lovenox and Clexane

Your first step if you are considering Lovenox or Clexane as a way to help you get pregnant, is have a consultation with Dr. Braverman. Based on what you tell him about your goals and your health history, he will work with the clinic staff to develop your plan, which may or may not employ Lovenox or Clexane injections. He will follow up with you over the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. In this way, you can receive the benefit of Dr. Braverman's experience and expertise, wherever you live.