Lovenox late in pregnancy


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Reply Posted on: Sep 4, 2012 at 9:58am
I'm 33 weeks pregnant currently following IVF with immune treatments (prednisone mainly only). I was not at any point on Lovenox or any other blood thinners. Now the baby is growing but is very small, measuring in the 10-20th percentile. Stomach measures only 15th percentile, while legs and arms over 60th percentile. I'm also not really putting on any weight.

I asked my doctor about my inflammation causing micro clots and possible growth retardation and what she would think about putting me on Lovenox at this point but she told me that it's too late to start the Lovenox now, that it only helps when the placenta is developing.Is that true? I'm not sure if there's a clotting problem at all. The baby is growing all the time, but just very small. If the Lovenox doesn't help at all anymore at this point, then I'm happy to just wait it out, but if there's something to do, I'll push it further with my doctor or go back to my RI.Also, is there any harm starting baby aspirin at this point?Thanks a lot in advance!

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RE: Lovenox late in pregnancy Posted on: Sep 4, 2012 at 12:18pm
I do not know enough about your history to make any recommendations. I can tell you that starting lovenox late cant hurt and may prevent furhter placental damage. You need to follow the advice of those that know you your RI or your OB. Which RI is treating you and why were you not left on the lovenox from the start of the pregnancy?
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