Melatonin for egg quality

Melatonin for egg quality Posted on: Feb 22, 2011 at 6:09am
Hi Dr. B
I have read conflicting reports on taking 3mg of Melatonin daily while trying to conceive thru IVF, I am currently taking 20mg of predisone (per your prescription!) and I'm having some insomnia and night sweats. I saw a report that said that not only does Melatonin help insomnia but may help egg quality as well.
Then I read that it stops ovulation and LH production and works well as a contraceptive. So obvioulsy, I am turning to you for the lastest update on research with Melatonin supplements. Please clarify!!!!

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Re: Melatonin for egg quality Posted on: Feb 23, 2011 at 4:04am
Melatonin has been shown to improve egg quality and decreae attack on eggs in cases of immune "oophoritis" . We use it to optimize egg quality in these situations. It can interfere with the normal pulsatile release of LH and FSH in a non medicated cycle(I woldnt trust it as a contraceptive). In IVF cycles as we are giving the surge with HCG it is of no concern what effect it has on LH and we have seen better results in patients that we have on it.

I hope that helps.
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