Miscarraige after 2nd donor egg cycle


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Reply Posted on: Jul 8, 2014 at 2:32am
Dear Dr Braverman

I am 40 years old, diagnosed almost 2 years ago with premature ovarian failure and have just undergone my second donor egg cycle.
The first cycle was very straightforward, i tolerated the estrogen and progesterone therapy very well but got a negative pregancy result with first beta hcg.

In june this year (almost 9 months after my first attempt),i tried donor egg cycle again eating and drinking organic, started myself on baby asprin and was really hopeful.
On day 5 post transfer i woke up feeling unwell, but i could not place it.
On day 6 post transfer i developed what seemed like an allergic reaction to the progesterone intramuscular shots i was taking daily , with severe ithing and hives (almost intolerable).
I was not sure about this so went to see a GP first , who felt it may be an allergy to perfume etc, despite me telling him what medication i was using.
Two days later i was changed from daily Gestone IM injections to Crinone gel twice a day, as they were sure it was the gestone injections. I only used topical preparations for the itchy skin, which didnt really bring much relief and now almost two weeks since the start i am still having some itchy symptoms.Together with this it felt like i had swallowed a golf ball and sternal pain had everyone telling me it must be pregnancy related indigestion. The sternal pain is gone now but it still feels like something lodged in my throat.
On day 7 i developed the worst cough, chills, and tight chest which i could not understand, being someone who usually is exceptionally well.

My beta hcg was checked 9 days post transfer and was found at only 48, two days later it was only 75 and another 48 hours later it was 63. I was then asked to stop all medication and wait for bleeding or, my miscarraige, which now has happened. The worst part is that i now have to search for a new donor if i want to try again, as none of my remaining 9 embryos had made it to cryopreservation.

Would the new progesterone allergy in any way be related to an early miscarraige? Why would i now only develop this allergy?
In researching POF i have found an association between Premature Ovarian Failure, Addisons Disease and a symptom being Melasma,...which i have been struggling with for about 5-6 years.
Dr Braverman, if i were to try again, what should i be asking my Reproductive Specialist to check before proceeding? He didnt feel it necessary to check estrogen or progesterone levels before transfer or after.

I look forward to hearing from you soon as i am still really distraught and questioning what could have gone wrong with my cycle.
Thanking you in advance.


Dr. Braverman

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RE: Miscarraige after 2nd donor egg cycle Posted on: Jul 8, 2014 at 4:36am
There are many issues here that need to be addressed. First we have to decide if the "allergic" reaction was not an immune reastion against paternal genetics on the embryo which can also present this way.
Second is you need a diagnosis for the POF, why did it occur? Many times there is an underlying immune issue for this as well(if it is not familial ) such as endometriosis or autoimmune oophorities , both of which could be responsible for the Donor egg Failure.
I would also want to know why so few of the embryos made it to cryo, a male factor should be ruled out. Im not sure this was a progesterone allergy issue as you had no issues the first time.
I would be happy to assist you in a "complete" workup so you can have some answers. Obviously this is not the first case of the kind I have dealt with as this is all we deal with at my center.
Fill out an online consult form and we weill contact you to schedule a free 10 minute chat to review your case. I would not proceed with another donor egg cycle until we speak.
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