MTHFR - Homozygous C677T


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Reply MTHFR - Homozygous C677T Posted on: Aug 2, 2011 at 3:58pm
Hi Dr. Braverman, I am new to the board. I just found out I am positive for MTHFR - Homozygous C677T I am upset I was never tested for it in 31/2 years. Can you please tell me how you would treat this problem after 5 losses. 4 natural losses, 2 failed IVF no pregnancies. Switched to new RE and my most recent IVF we transferred 1 normal (PGD/ 1 normal) 5 day Blast transferred and chemical pregnancy. I have been on a prenatal for 3 years and on additional 3 mg of folic due to my Mediterranean descent and slight high but normal homecysteine levels but this test was recently done through new RE after IVF w/PGD and chemical loss. I am so nervous I got these results and am already into another IVF cycle just started stims. I just turned 40 and feel like I am running out of time. Thank you in advance for you assistance.

Re: MTHFR - Homozygous C677T Posted on: Aug 3, 2011 at 9:05pm
at a minimum I would start lovenox ,metanx, and baby aspirin. then be sure that you have been fully tested to be sure there are no other issues causing these losses. Im sorry for your difficult journey to this point.


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Reply Re: MTHFR - Homozygous C677T Posted on: Aug 16, 2011 at 6:38pm
Hi and thank you for your reply. I have since had a whole new panel of tests for RPL(recurrent pregnancy loss) again an in addition to seeing a hemotologist and either of my doctors will treat me with Lovenox. They say it is too risky. Why? I am on a baby asprin have been in the past as well prior to learning about MTHFR and they have now put me on Folgard 2 times a day. Any words od wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: MTHFR - Homozygous C677T Posted on: Aug 18, 2011 at 12:51am
I would really need to see all your results to see why they will not treat you. I would be happy to assist you if you wish.
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