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Reply Posted on: Feb 18, 2013 at 4:00pm
I have just done my 5th roundoif IVF but my 1st with Neupogen. I was on 30mu once a day 1mcg/1kg. I started on 1st day of stimms as I suffer with endometriomas so wanted to help egg quality. I have very low AMH & have high ANA results but NK's seem ok. I was also on Clexane but still ended up with a BFN. Embryos were all 8 cell grade 1 on a 3dt & had 3 put back.

My history is a natural pregnancy 9 years ago resulting in mm/c at 10wk 4days but wasn't found until scan at 13 weeks. 2nd natural pregnancy 10 months later but mc at 5 weeks then could never get pregnant naturally again. After 3 iui's moved on to IVF's.
Im wondering whether adding Intralipids & steroids into my next cycle would help at all? Failing that I don't really know what the next step is! Can Neupogen still help if its already failed on a cycle??
Also I've just read somewhere its best to leave it out the fridge for half an hour before injecting is this correct as I was taking it straight out the fridge to inject.
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RE: Neupogen Failure Posted on: Feb 18, 2013 at 4:20pm
I can not guide you without a detailed history and all yor clincal data, you have been on quite a bit of medication . what was the indications for why your were treated, was it just poor egg qualitiy ? does your center have experience with these treatemnets?
using intralipids and steroids can only be reserved once you know your immune parameters, you dont want to over suppress.
I would be happy to guide you on your next steps , feel free to schedule a 10 min cosult with me its free.
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