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Reply Posted on: Jan 20, 2014 at 3:04pm
Dr. Braverman,

Can I ask for your interpretation of my recent NK cell test result:
NK cell assay with IVIgT:E 1:50 Native State % Killed 9.6T:E 1:25 Native State % Killed 8.6T:E 1:12.5 Native State % Killed 5.5T:E 1:50 With IL-2 stim % Killed 11.7T:E 1:25 With IL-2 stim % Killed 9.8T:E 1:12.5 With IL-2 stim % Killed 8.2T:E 1:50 With IVIg 12.5 % Killed 9.8T:E 1:25 With IVIg 12.5 % Killed 8.3T:E 1:12.5 With IVIg 12.5 % Killed 6.5T:E 1:50 With IVIg 6.5 % Killed 10.2T:E 1:25 With IVIg 6.5 % Killed 8.9T:E 1:12.5 With IVIg 6.5 % Killed 7.7NK cell activation assay with IntralipidT:E 1:50 Native State % Killed 11.0T:E 1:25 Native State % Killed 8.9T:E 1:12.5 Native State % Killed 5.8T:E 1:50 With IL-2 stim % Killed 10.4T:E 1:25 With IL-2 stim % Killed 8.7T:E 1:12.5 With IL-2 stim % Killed 7.4T:E 1:50 With Intralipid 1:2000 % Killed 14.5T:E 1:25 With Intralipid 1:2000 % Killed 10.0T:E 1:12.5 With Intralipid 1:2000 % Killed 5.1

Would I be considered to have an immunologic disfunction? My history is a mid-pregnancy loss (the only pregnancy) due to a severely thrombotic and small placenta. However, I tested negative for all thrombophilia factors including APA panel. The only elevated antibodies I have are antithyroid ones. My thyroid hormones were well controlled during pregnancy via synthroid.

Thank you.

Dr. Braverman

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RE: NK cell test Posted on: Jan 23, 2014 at 2:52pm
With a mid pregnancy loss , this testing is markedly inssufficient for a diagnosis , but you MUST have one to prevent this compication again. Anti HLA antibodies, serum cytokines are critical. I would be happy to assist you with this. Please fill out a consult form on my website.
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