Over 5 years TTC & no pregnancy


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Reply Posted on: Aug 13, 2013 at 4:45pm
My husband & I have been TTC for over 5 years with no pregnancy. I am 34, he is 33. All the standard IF b/w is normal for me although I do have beta thalassemia. A lap turned up no sign of endo & an endometrial biopsy was normal. My husband's sperm count is great but his morph is low. We are awaiting the results of his sperm frag test. I am obese but have a regular 27 day cycle. I've been to 3 REs, 2 of whom have told me that if I lost weight I'd magically get pregnant on my own,.

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8 IUIs: 3 Clomid, 3 Follistim, 2 Clomid & Follistim combos. All had great responses. All BFN.

IVF #1: Long Lupron protocol, Follistim only for stims. 5 retreived, 2 mature, 1 fert. 3DT was BFN.

IVF #2: "Kitchen Sink" protocol. BCPs & no Lupron (makes me a zombie). Low & slow stim. 5 days of Clomid with Follistim with Menopur & Ganirelix added in later. 10R, 8M, 4F. 3DT of 2. 1 frozen @ day 5. BFN. ( I would have cycled again with this doc but she is no longer practicing)

IVF #3: Antagonist. BCPs & no Lupron. Follistim, Menopur. I told the doc they did not let me stim long enough but they did not listen. 6R, 4M, 2F but 1 arrested on day 2. 3DT was BFN.

We are doing a natural FET with our lone frosty from IVF #2 next month (transfer likely around Labor Day). We were supposed to do a n FET with estrogen back in June but I managed to ovulate through suppression. Lupron & I do not get along & since I have a regular cycle, we're going au naturale. If that does not result in a pregnancy we are @ a loss as to what our next steps (if any) would be.

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RE: Over 5 years TTC & no pregnancy Posted on: Aug 14, 2013 at 6:30am
It is true that when patients are heavier there can be activation of immune inflammatory cytokines, this can be treated or at least investigated. Of course we all recommend losing weight but if it were that easy to do everyone would. We have to come up with ways of treating the condition when the patients have exhaused all means to losing wieght .
I would be happy to help you , simply fill out a consult request form on the website and we will be in touch . If you are in the US but not in NY we can have a free 10 min discsussion about your case and the need for our services.
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