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Reply Posted on: Mar 5, 2015 at 11:29am
Hi, thanks for the answer sent.
(RE: PGS results questionsMost of these are random abnormal results and not significant unless one of the parents is a carrier of a balanced translocation . If you have not been tested yet you and your spouse should.
When there are no translocations and repeative abnormal PGD , one should consdier Endometriosis or PCOS as other possbile causitive issues.
A little bit of background. I’m 36, my husband 47. Trying to conceive for 3 years, never got pregnant. (I also tried with my ex partner for almost 4 years).
I have PCOS. We had 5 neg IVF (2 fresh, 3 frozen) all Hasting blastocyst, lining was over 12. My husband has 4 pourcent Krugger. We did icsi the 5th times. First cycle antagonist, 7 follicules, 1 embryo transfer, 0 frozen. Second cycle, 14 follicules, 7 blasto. Tsh abnormal, pills to regulate. Thyroglobulin 66 h. Factor 8 – 1.62 h, control with fragmin shot. I have done an hysteroscopy – all normal. I had done a biopsy beta 3 integrin test, normal as well. Third cycle, 18 follicules, 5 blasto. 5 embryos tested for PGS. Results were on my first post.
We will test for translocation. Any other advice on next steps?
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RE: PGS follow up Posted on: Mar 5, 2015 at 11:30am
no other suggestions, lets see what the translocation workup shows.
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