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Reply Posted on: Feb 15, 2015 at 9:23am
I heard that you do not recommend PGS testing to ensure proper chromosomes unless you want to know the gender. I heard this was due to embryos sorting themselves out after the day 5 biopsy and becoming normal when they were tested abnormal. I have heard this happens a lot in day 3 biopsies but not from day 5 biopsies. I have heard many Dr's don't do Day 3 biopsies due to this reason but they are sorted out by day 5, so they biopsy then. I also heard you allow your patients to put back abnormal tested embryos and they had normal healthy babies. Can you say the issues won't show down the road because they were an abnormal embryo? I have 6 abnormals and ony 3 normals left.
We did opt to do the PGS testing on our embryos to ensure they were proper normal embryos. I suffer from unexplained recurrent loss so we wanted to make sure it wasn't an embryo issue. We now know after doing 2 transfers with PGS normal embryos, it is my body causing the miscarriages (both FET's ended in m/c also #10 &11).
Can you tell me how much it costs to do immune testing and do you have to travel to your location for it? It is unavailable here in Canada and I don't think travelling to the US is feisable just for testing but it would be nice to have answers.
Right now I have gone to 2 clinics that say surrogacy is our only option (we did basic immune suppressing for the last FET with PGS but still ended in m/c) or some 'long shot' immune suppressing meds (neupogen and chloroquine) without testing.

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RE: PGS testing and next steps Posted on: Feb 15, 2015 at 11:54am
If you go to certain clinics they work with me , they can order the immune testing , with no coverage I assume cost around 1200? the lab would call you and confirm your cost so dont hold me to that. I have had problems with both day 3 and day 5 . You certianly need a full immune workup so we should work on getting that for you . If you want you can call the office and schedule a free 10 minute consult with me and we can discuss your case. Or fill out a consultaiton form on the website.
There will be no issues down the road as we did CVS on these patients and confirmed the abnormality seen on PGS was indeed WRONG.
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