pregnancy number 5, no live births

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(I am reposting in the questions forum after accidently posting in the wrong one)

I am 22 years old and my fiance is 31. I have had 4 1st trimester miscarriages so far:

1st - 13.5 weeks, missed miscarriage, measuring 9 weeks, 3 days. Took 1 dose misoprostol and spent 1 week in hospital, had to be assisted with forceps.

2nd - 4-5 weeks, spontaneous miscarriage. No treatment required.

3rd - 10 weeks, missed miscarriage, measuring 9 weeks, 2 days. Needed 10 doses of misoprostol, spent 1 week in hospital.

4th - 4-5 weeks, spontaneous miscarriage. No treatment required.

Now 6 weeks pregnant with baby no. 5, as you can see there seems to be a recurring pattern and I don't want 5th baby to end up the same as 1 and 3.

The problems that I know about and have been diagnosed with are as follows; Uterus Didelphys (pregnancies always occur in right uterus), interstitial cystitis, rhesus negative blood type (Fiance has positive blood type) I also suffer with depression and anxiety although I am not sure this has any effect on my pregnancy losses.

I am under the care of a miscarriage clinic and we have both had our bloods taken, I am not sure what tests were done but apparently all my tests came back negative and if I have a blood clotting disorder it has not shown up, My 3rd baby was sent of for testing and was found to be normal with no defects.

I am at a loss as to what might be wrong with me, I have been taking low dose asprin (75mg) daily at 12pm each day with this pregnancy only, along with folic acid (pregnacare) and omega 3 capsules as instructed by my consultant. Although I have read the latest research papers and feel fobbed off due to the research showing that asprin has no effect on live birth rates compared to placebo in women with a history of recurrent miscarriage.

I am beginning to think that this pregnancy will too end in miscarriage and that I will be unable to have children at all. Maybe it is due to one of my current known conditions.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
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Did I respond to you yet on this?
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