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Reply Reasons for infertility Posted on: Apr 16, 2011 at 1:10pm
Dear Dr. Braverman,
found your website most helpful in finding causes and treatments for what I think might be our problem.
I wonder if prednisone / Dexa in combination with Intralipids would help in our case:

Me: 37
Hashimoto Thyroid dysfunction
Pollen allergies (almost all plants, antihistamine therapy successful)
Lots of food allergies (when avoided no symptoms, currently I try gluten-free)
Atopic dermatitis (currently dormant since the Thyroid problems began to dominate)
High IGE and IGG levels in the past and probably now.
slightly raised pro thrombin antibodies
Medication: Thyroid Meds (T3+T4), Selen, Omega 3, Magnesia, Vit. D, Vit. B+folic acid)

My man 47
Bad sperms grade III, stressful job
High vitamine doses improved results in 3.ICSI

What happened so far:
1. ICSI (14 eggs, 1 embryo transferred, rest did fertilize)
2. ICSI (24 eggs, 2 embryos transferred, 4 conserved for later)
a. Early abort in week 5, hcg 130, 2 days later 159, after a week zero
3. Kryo transfer 2 embryos, negative
4. Kryo transfer 2 embryos, with ASS and heparine, negative
5. ICSI, 14 eggs (lower stimulation), 2 transferred, 2 conserved, negative
6. Kryo, 2 embryos transferred (ASS + heparine) negative

So we had 11 more or less good embryos transferred. My thyroid problems are well adjusted by now, Vitamin D and Ferritin deficiencies are back to normal. I have a completely normal 28 day cycle and apparently a goob womb lining. Egg quality was ok, stimulation twice with long protocol menopur (+Synarela, Ovitrelle), third time short antagonist protocol (much better fertilization), progesterone support after transfer.
Clotting test and insuline tests where ok except for the pro thrombin antibodies.

Nobody wants to believe me, that my body might be the cause with all its autoimmune problems. HLA sharing was not tested yet. Maybe the embryos do not develop because of the bad sperm quality of my husband? But why then have we fertilized embryos at all? All conserved embryos except one (6/7) did survive defreezing, so they must be ok in some way?
But except for that one biochemical pregnancy there did not seem to be another implantation (tests 14 days after egg extraction, 12 days after transfer)

Do you have some arguments for us, so we can understand and get help? What should we have tested now? Are my allergies on that high level maybe a reason too, as if my body is just too “busy” with all that and has no power to allow a pregnancy? Otherwise I feel physically fit and sportive and better than in years after my underfunctioning of the thyroid was treated. I always thought allergies are good for a TH2 induced environment for a pregnancy but I start to doubt it. Or maybe the Thyroid problem is a key? So many questions, no answers.

It would be rather nice to get your professional feedback…

Greetings from Germany!

Dr. Braverman

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Re: Reasons for infertility Posted on: Apr 16, 2011 at 4:16pm
You do have so many issues, but these are the cases that I deal with here. You have the such common situation. You have one very significant issue that can affect embryo quality and thats where most people stop , the problem is when you finally make that good embryo no one checks for all the other factors that could make you reject the embryo.
I can screen you for all these issues, and then recommend a treatment. Please call me and ask for Kim, she will arrange a consultation with me.
Dr. Jeffrey Braverman MD FACOG
Medical Director
Braverman Reproductive Immunology P.C.