Recurrent chemical pregnancies


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Reply Posted on: Feb 18, 2015 at 6:39pm
Hi Dr. Braverman, I am in need of some assistance and hope you can shed some light. My husband (42) and I (37) have been trying to conceive for a total of 3+ years. 2 years were on our own which never led to a pregnancy. 1 year with my current RE. I have had 6 failed IUIs and 2 fresh IVF transfers that led to chemical pregnancies. As far as we know, we are only dealing with male factor (low count, motility and morph). My FSH, AMH and HSG are normal. Hysteroscopy to remove polyps.IVF #1 - (BCP, Lupron, Ganirelix, Gonal F, Menopur and Ovidrel). We had 10 eggs retrieved, 6 fertilized, all were 4-7 cells with some fragmentations on day 3, but by day 5, only 1 made it to early blastocyst. None to freeze. Chemical pregnancy on 8dp5dt.IVF #2 - (Gonal F, Menopur, Ganirelix and HCG). We had 16 eggs retrieved, 14 fertilized, all were 4-8 cells on day 3. On day 5, 2 were early blastocysts which we transferred and 4 were compacting morulas. By day 6, we froze 2 middle grade expanded blastocysts. Beta on 8dp5dt was positive at 24.5 and 2 days later it dropped to 18. Another chemical pregnancy.My RE thinks it's an egg/sperm quality issue. I pushed for more tests before my next FET and now he's sending us out for Karyotype, Thrombophilia, NK cells and HLA panels. Problem is my insurance would only cover the Thrombophilia and Karyotype panels but would not cover immune testing and it's quite pricey.Would you say it is absolutely necessary to have the immune test done? What do you suspect is our problem? Is your NYC office in network with any insurances? Do you do your own immune testing or send it out to another lab? What supplements would you suggest to improve egg and sperm quality?Thanks in advance!

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RE: Recurrent chemical pregnancies Posted on: Feb 20, 2015 at 2:29pm
I beleive this is a duplicate , please let me know if I have not answered this previously.
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