Recurrent chemical pregnancy after successful pregnancy


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Reply Posted on: Mar 23, 2015 at 5:18pm
Hello. My husband and I are both 29. We have one child who will be 3 in May. We got pregnant on the first cycle we tried to conceive with him. Typical pregnancy, resulting in a 40+ hour labor, HELLP SYNDROME no pre-eclampsia) and a c-section.

I went back on birth control pills for nearly 2 years, stopped taking them in February 2014. We did not actively try again until May, but that was when my cycles jumped from 27-29 days to 35. Got pregnant in July and had a chemical. Went back on birth control for 3 months per doctors orders, pregnant again in November. Waited 8 weeks per doctor's orders, pregnant again in gebruary, another chemical.

I had antiphospholibid, MTHFR, etc bloodwork done. Came back with a single MTHFR mutation, high homocystine levels, negative for other testing.

Beta levels the day I had a positive pregnancy test were 33, went up to 91 in 48 hours. Progesterone at this time was 25.xx. Bloodwork done the day bleeding started was hcg of 31 and progesterone of .74.

Any advic

Dr. Braverman

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RE: Recurrent chemical pregnancy after successful pregnancy Posted on: Mar 24, 2015 at 6:16am
HELLP syndrome is certainly not typical. And most of these cases have an immune component, which would explain other losses as well. You need to have a full immune workup done , Im usre I can diagnose the problem and offer you correct treatment. What you have had done to date is quite minimal . If you would like my help please fill out a consult form from the website. and we can schedule a free 10 minute chat to review.
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