Recurrent Loss


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Reply Posted on: Dec 20, 2014 at 10:20pm

My history
2009- diagnosed with endometriosis via lap surgey
2010- live birth boy, no issues or problems with pregnancy.

2011- natural pregnacy - loss @6weeks
2011- lap surgery- extensive work done but ovaries tubes etc all fine
2012- IVF - April - Positve - Loss @5weeks
FET- July - positive - [email protected] wks - chromosonal normal

bloods test etc done.
FET - Dec - added aspirin, folate etc B6 etc & clexane 20mg - Negative

2013 IVF - April - negative
FET - June - negative

had endoscratching prior to cycle
FET - Sept - included the above drugs and added 10mg prednisolone - positive result,,, heartbeat seen strong and measured accurately @7weeks, heartbeat stronger and measured accurately @8wks 5days, obstetrician app @10 weeks no heartbeat baby stopped growing @8wks 6days
D&C resulted in fetus being chromosonal normal. So no reason for loss,, again.

question: my specialist was at a loss as to explain to us what went 'wrong'. We have scheduled
1. another Lap for a week prior to our next ivf (purely to tidy up endo as I seem to fall after surgery & do a scratching) I respond well to ivf drugs always end up with 4-7 embryos
2. Upped prednisolone from 10mg p/day to 20mg/day
3. Upped clexane from 20mg p/day to 40mg/day

would you recommend anyother changes or high dosages of these drugs?
Love to hear what you would recommend and your thoughts.

Dr. Braverman

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RE: Recurrent Loss Posted on: Dec 31, 2014 at 12:40pm
With a known diagnosis of endo the next step is to identify the underlying autoimmune issue that is present as well in most endo pateints. You should also be sure the surgery is done correctly , its not just a matter of tidying up the endo , but being sure it is properly identified (this can be diffiuclt) and excised and dissected out not using laser ablation.
So of course I cannot recommend any therapy for you until you have had a complete and correct immune workup. Feel free to fill out a consult form from the website and we can schedule a free 10 minute chat.
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