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Reply Posted on: Feb 7, 2013 at 5:08pm
I have had 4 pregnancies in the past 2 years and have miscarried each time. I conceived naturally each time. I am now 38. My pregnancies ended early (ranging from around week 5 to week 8). A large yolk sac and a fetal pole were seen with the second pregnancy. A large yolk sac and a fetal pole were again seen with the 3rd pregnancy; the genetic test showed the fetus had an extra 22nd chromosome. Once again a large yolk sac and a fetal pole were seen with the fourth pregnancy; I am waiting for results of the genetic test. (The only thing I know about the first pregnancy is that a gestational sac was seen.) My husband and I have had bloodwork to test for problems such as translocations, and I had a recurring pregnancy loss blood panel done to check for genetic problems, clotting problems, etc. All the blood work came back normal. Am I correct to assume that poor egg quality is the cause of my repeated miscarriages, or could other factors be at work? Am I correct that a large yolk sac always indicates chromosomal abnormality?

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RE: recurrent miscarriage Posted on: Feb 7, 2013 at 7:10pm
although a large yolk sac is seen in genetic losses, this does not exclude other implantation issues and all should be ruled out. You sound like all has been done except an cellular immune panel and this must be completed wtih your history . Sometimes poor egg quality happens only after the stimulation and certain conditions such as insulin resistance should be ruled out in these cases as well.
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