Recurrent Pregnancy Loss & Secondary Infertility

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Reply Posted on: Sep 12, 2014 at 10:12am
Hello...I have a 4 year old son who was conceived naturally and easily in 2009 and born in 2010, so easily that we waited until his 3rd brithday to try for baby #2. I am 31 and my husband is 34. We got pregnant very easily last August only to find that the sac was irregularly shaped and my levels started to drop so we had a d&c at 8 weeks. Tried and tried to get pregnant for months, started acupuncture this past January and finally get pregnant again in March. Natural miscarriage in April (low and non doubling levels) get pregnant again in May and miscarry in June (again low and non doubling levels). We met with a fertility specialist in May and began all testing. I was tested for their standard criteria, had a saline sonogram, tested the tissue from the d&c in August and my husband and I had genetic screening. All came back normal. Only thing dr said is that my ovaries are slightly polycystic. I also ovulate on day 17-20 so she thinks my eggs are over maturing so to her it is an egg quality issue. We went ahead with ivf in August and retrieved 39 eggs. Of the 39, we biopsied 6 on day 5 and biopsied 11 on day 6 so we sent 17 off for pgd testing. Of the 17 tested, we have 8 healthy embryos and our embryo transfer is scheduled for October 10. In this LONG wait I can't stop thinking about if I have an implantation or immunological issue and it's NOT in fact an egg issue. I've been hearing so much about mthfr and other blood clotting disorders and being prescribed lovenox but when I asked my nurse she got really defensive and said the dr said there is absolutely no correlation between mthfr and miscarriage.For my own sanity I just want to cover all my bases before we have our embryo transfer. Not only myself and my husband but our whole families would be so crushed if we go through this process and it doesn't work and I know it's never a guarantee but i need to know I was tested for everything before we do this. I just need that piece of mind, a second opinion.

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RE: Recurrent Pregnancy Loss & Secondary Infertility Posted on: Sep 19, 2014 at 6:04am
I think that MTFHR is not your issue, but I think that you may possibly have insulin resistance which can significantly affect the embryo quality regardless of PGD status. Many with insulin resistance require lovenox regardless so your RE is not entirerly right here. Also many with insulin resistance(commone when you make this many eggs and also have early losses) has a strong immune and thrombophilic component. You should fill out a consult request on our webstie and we can schedule a free 10 min chat to discuss your case.

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