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Reply Posted on: Jul 30, 2013 at 6:07pm
Dear Dr. Braverman,

I was wondering if you would give me your opinion. In Oct and Dec 2011 I got pregnant naturally after 3 months of trying. Oct ended in chemical m/c. Dec we heard heartbeat at 8 wks and at 12 wks we found out we m/c. I tried for a few more months with no results so I referred myself to an RE. A full blood panal dx me with hetero MTHFR and home PAI 4g. Both my husband and I are normal on balance translocation. I've been on medication with no luck. In Oct/Nov I did our first round of IVF. 14 fertized. 2 transferred (great quality) on day 3 ended in a negative. In Dec 2012 we got prgnant naturally (no meds) heard the heartbeat and at 8 wks m/c. Fetus came back with trisomy 4. This July we did a FET with our 2 frozen (only 1 made it through thaw) and that ended in negative.

I'm confused with why we are getting pregnant naturally but not with the help of medication. Not sure where to go next to get a RI work up done or move into PGD?

Dr. Braverman

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RE: RI or PGD Posted on: Jul 30, 2013 at 7:25pm
I can do the RI workup that you clearly need prior to even thinking about PGD. If you want my help just fill out a consult form on our website and we will be in touch wtih you. We can schedule a free 10 min chat so I can review your case in greater detail .
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