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Reply Posted on: Aug 2, 2014 at 7:19am
Do you have any studies that women with RPL can take part in? I know plenty of women in my RPL support group that would be interested in being a part of a study to further the research along with regard to reproductive immunology. There are so many RE’s, MFM’s, and ob/gyns that aren’t on board with reproductive immunology (particularily Nk cell activation and HLA gene, etc). They consider it unproven. Is there anyway we can volunteer to be a part of a control group for a study?
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RE: Studies available. Posted on: Aug 7, 2014 at 2:05pm
As you may know from our website , we have once again expanded our research department with the addition of Dr. Mansouri and her job will be to begin to set up collabortive studies. We will post to this website when they start and who we need and yes it is great to have a set of volunteers. But we already have tremendous knowledge in this area so I think if any one is having a problem now they should call me and we can start theri diagnosis and tretments. The only people that "are not on board" are those with no background in immunology . There is no quesiton in the sceinfific community from the conference I just chaired that the immune system is the main component in embryo acceptance and there are many good papers on the topic but most publshed in the immunology literature not in the routine fertility literature. We hope over the next few years to educate these doctors and those that have learned from our care of their patients "are on board" . Good Luck.
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